Audience Insights

Trendy & Savvy

Our environment attracts a trendy and savvy audience

High Return

It is therefore a key communication environment for high return customers

Range of Flexibility

Cinema provides a range of flexibility in terms of execution

Demographic profile of top end cinema audience:







Work Full Time 39%
Students 12%
LSM 7-10 68%

Age 15 - 24

Age 25 - 34

Age 35 - 44

Age 45 - 64

Age 65 +

Data source: TGI SA 2013C

Brand Effect

Another benefit for brands when it comes to cinema advertising is the fact that they are able to appeal to audience members when they are highly focused.

The heightened level of attention paid by cinema audiences delivers greater memorability of ads. A recent Millward Brown study conducted in Australia revealed that 57% of movie goers felt they took more notice of cinema ads than any other medium and 80% found cinema ads more entertaining.

A similar study by Millward Brown in South Africa towards the end of 2012 showed that cinema in conjunction with television improves the youth’s ability to recall advertising messages by roughly 44%! To achieve this level of noting by investing further in television would require the purchase of an additional 200 AR’s… the purchase of this equivalent impact is significantly cheaper in cinema relative to the diminishing returns on television.

Moreover, this suggests that cinema provides unique reach versus television in the youth environment. In fact, when examining the volumetric consumption of certain categories, for example alcohol, cinema delivers as much as 37% unique reach over television in younger profile sectors like tequila and shooters.

It is not only the recall or reach that stands out for cinema as a media choice amongst audiences but also the emotional attachment with cinema which enhances the value of brands associated with the movies. The finding of a 2009 study commissioned by the Cinema Advertising Council of USA found that measuring emotional attachment was a predictive means of measuring product purchase.