Who you gonna call… RANJ!

General Manager at Cinemark Ranjini Naidoo, aka Ranj, has over a decade experience in the cinema industry. This experience coupled with a clear, logical mind and a practical approach to problem solving, makes Ranj the woman who is called when challenges arise.

“I have a great eye for detail and enjoy overcoming challenges. I also have a genuine interest in Business Management,” explains the leading Cinemark lady with a secret passion for fast cars and a love of football.

With over 11 years’ in the cinema game, Ranj’s role is to provide management to the business and be fully responsible for the day-to-day running of various departments at Cinemark. She is focused on developing systems that deliver efficiencies and plays a leading role in the development and implementation of robust operational processes.

“I joined Primedia Group in 2001 and found an opportunity to work at Cinemark. Cinema is an entertaining, exciting and impactful medium,” she says. She has watched cinema evolve from 35mm to full digital and explains: “Cinema has also become more interactive where we have had very successful ‘in cinema’ activation campaigns. Cinema is now faster, more flexible and unshackled from a production perspective.”

With amazing individual growth opportunities at Cinemark, Ranj says that it takes a level head and the ability to nurture and grow the business, allow flexibility, evaluate opportunities and risks and also to deliver innovative and new solutions to challenges that ensures it is such a successful operation.

With a great love for her family, Ranj says that one of her hidden talents is cooking and experimenting with different cuisines. However, if she didn’t have a career in media she would be travelling the world and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles.

With a motto: ‘Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits’, Ranj’s career-defining moment was when she developed an innovative system for Cinemark – the first cinema sales system of its kind in the world. “The day that we went live was my most memorable moment at Cinemark.”