Cinemark’s Rising Star

Marchel Van Wyk: a license to laugh

With a flair for the dramatic and an addiction to movies, it is no wonder that the bubbly and funny 25-year-old Marchel Van Wyk has found herself in the position of Media Analyst at Cinemark.

Someone who is fun-loving, loves meeting interesting people, travelling and having a great time with friends and family, Marchel has worked her way up the rungs to the role of Media Analyst. She started out working as a PA for a financial consultant, then became a client service agent in insurance. “In 2011 I got my first job in the industry as an intern and from there I graduated onto Junior Media Analyst and eventually Media Buyer. Now I work at Cinemark as a Media Analyst,” she says, smiling.

As a Media Analyst, Marchel spends her days doing research and analysis based on the cinema medium, target market, demographics, cinema in relation to other mediums, how it is consumed by certain target audiences and international cinema. “Basically I assist and provide the Account Executives with information that would aid them in their presentations to existing and potential clients,” she explains. She adds that she never realised how much went on behind the scenes on the media owner side of the business: “It’s nice to get an idea of how the other cog in the media machine works.”

Dedicated, hardworking and pedantic when it comes to double-checking that everything is on point, Marchel says she is often told that she is lovely to work with and that she is funny. In fact, if it wasn’t for analysing cinema, she would like to be in front of the camera. “I’d definitely be doing something related to the arts, film or theatre. Acting was definitely up there. I’m quite good with accents and I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic,” she laughs.

Dr Seuss’ quote: “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient to living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope,” is one of Marchel’s favourite quotes because she says it is important to try not to take yourself too seriously. “Laugh now and then, laughter is good for the soul.”

With a dream to visit Hollywood one day and a love for movies that ensures she goes to the cinema at least twice a month, the industry is Marchel’s oyster.