Onscreen Advertising

With a completely digital circuit, no longer do brands with television commercials have to pay for costly film transfers to advertise on the big screen. Not only is our digital medium cost effective but the added benefit of having your ad playing in a digital format is that it will look bright, crisp and clean on screen every time since it will not be prone to degradation and weathering, common in most other formats like 35mm film.

If your commercial is not already finished for cinema, existing TVC’s can be transferred to cinema format with excellent results.

Our preferred production partners for DCP creation are Spectrum and The Refinery.

Download HD spec sheet for TV ads which need to be converted for cinema.

View our rate card.

Beyond the Screen Advertising

Why not use cinema as an out-of-home experiential communications vehicle? In a single venue the existing congregations of people can be targeted through a range of different touch points, right from ticket purchase via digital infrastructure, all the way through to activations in the theatre itself.

  • 3D displays
  • Ticket / catering queue panel posters
  • Self Service Terminals
  • Floor decals
  • Counter standees
  • Salt dispenser / stations
  • Popcorn boxes
  • Rolla banners
  • Slide frames
  • Economical lama
  • Special maxi lama
  • Special maxi panama
  • Special maxi kiosk
  • Plasma screens
  • Cinema door branding
  • Foyer activations
  • Sampling
  • Seat belts
  • Headrests
  • Cinema door branding
  • In-cinema activations

Buying Options

By Target Audience

All forthcoming movies are classified using a number of criteria, such as film rating, film genre and anticipated audience by key demographics. Cinema campaigns executed by target audience run across a range of movie titles appealing to the advertisers target market, producing the most rapid coverage of the cinema audience.

By Location

Cinemas can be targeted by specific location providing geographic control over the advertising campaign. This makes cinema an ideal medium to precisely target by area, city or suburb with minimal wastage. We offer geographically targeted campaigns in all metro and regional areas.

By Film

An advertiser can follow a specific movie title, genre or Hollywood star. Such target of individual movies is ideal when creative commonality or synergy exists between the product advertised and a particular movie.

Screening preferences for each advertiser are incorporated into our film booking system and weekly programming is produced, which directs advertising to the most appropriate movies in each cinema complex booked.

At the conclusion of each campaign advertisers are provided with a post campaign analysis report summarising total attendance. Providing advertisers maximum share of voice, screen time is available in weekly units, running from Friday to Thursday.

Currently, South Africa has approximately 700 cinema screens.

About 65% of these are represented by Cinemark.