With a completely digital circuit, no longer do brands with television commercials have to pay for costly film transfers to advertise on the big screen.

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Beyond the Screen

Why not use cinema as an out-of-home experiential communications vehicle? In a single venue the existing congregations of people can be targeted through a range of different touch points

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Buying Options

Cinema campaigns executed by target audience run across a range of movie titles appealing to the advertisers target market, producing the most rapid coverage of the cinema audience.

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Case Studies

Have a look at a few of our case studies and see how it could benefit you as well.

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About Us

Cinemark is the advertising sales company that represents Ster-Kinekor and selected independent cinemas. The Business was founded in 1971 through the merger of Alexander Films, Filmlets SA and Ster Adfilms. It operates under the Ster-Kinekor umbrella, a Primedia owned company.

Cinemark represents the lions-share of cinema complexes – about 65% of all cinema screens in South Africa.

When advertising through Cinemark your brand is exposed to a discerning, high-end audience in one of the most technologically advanced environments in the world. Ster-Kinekor’s fully digitized cinema network delivers crisp picture quality through Christie projectors. For those with an appetite for 3D, there are 112 state-of-the-art 3D cinemas available, securing Ster-Kinekor’s 3D footprint in the country.

Ster-Kinekor’s cinema offering includes the business class Cine Prestige, Dolby® AtmosTM plus 48 frames per second (or High Frame Rate – HFR) in 3D with a full 4k resolution digital cinema screen as well as IMAX® at Ster-Kinekor Gateway.

Cinemark is a member of the Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA).

Cinemark is the official Cannes Lions Representative for South Africa.


  • We were tasked with making the jump into a broader audience and building brand association within a younger audience. This was achieved using cinema and displaying our television material on the big screen.   Cinema gave our client big brand appeal and the entertainment value of the ad also amplified the relevance on the screen. The association with cinema was right for the campaign and the audience. The placement of the Activate-A boxes in cinema foyers was a great way to capitalize on dwell time and activate the brand within the younger target we were aiming at.
    Mercedes Benz
    Katharine Liese - Head of Strategy
  • For our client, Brother, we looked at a couple of branding opportunities at the end of last year that were more focused on holiday activities and holiday destinations throughout the country. We looked at Cinema, Airport Branding and Restaurant billads as potential opportunities for the December to April holiday season but decided on Cinema due to the exceptional value for money and significant exposure offered to our brand.  Our Cinema campaign started in the coastal holiday destinations of Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban and has subsequently moved 'home' to Gauteng with additional sites secured until April this year. Brother has recently embarked on a retail agreement with Makro so is more in the public eye than before.  It made sense for us to choose a platform where the brand could be displayed prominently to this new retail market. Brother has a very distinctive logo and our current marketing material is fresh and is focused on the local markets. With new products launching all the time and an extensive print media campaign, Brother is committed to developing their brand and product offering to suit both domestic and commercial market segments. Traditionally, Brother products have been marketed and distributed through their partnership with Mustek and this national cinema campaign has reinforced the Brother brand awareness in South Africa and has added a further dimension to our marketing effort.
    Dale de Villiers - Marketing Manager
    Brother International, South Africa
  • The Durban University of Technology’s vision is to be a student-centred university that is focused on academic research and excellence. At the DUT it is about you (student) reaching your full potential. In terms of planning the campaign, the focus was to make our students and staff the hero.  We researched the top students out in the industry and found that our students, those who graduated from the DUT are making great strides in their respective professions.  The idea to use television, radio, newspapers and cinema was then included in the campaign.  We realised that we would get a captive market and our message would be delivered to a quality audience segment.
    Durban University of Technology
    Mr Alan Khan - Senior Director Division of Corporate Affairs
    Durban University of Technology
  • As a young company in an old industry, BrightRock has a very different approach to life insurance. In fact, we’re hoping to help shift the industry into a new consumer-centric era with our world-first needs-matched life insurance offering, which is uniquely able to match people’s needs and change with them as those needs change.  We apply these same principles of flexibility and change to our marketing approach. We chose cinema because it provides an engaging environment, where one is assured of the audience’s undivided attention. Through the specific geographic Ster-Kinekor locations we chose, we were able to target our specific customer segment.  The live activation format allowed us to create a memorable experience for cinema-goers and a tangible interaction with our brand. By handing out BrightRock fortune cookies and product leaflets in the cinema foyers we were able reinforce our in-cinema activation and to increase the reach of our message to a secondary audience. The choice of the Skyfall premiere week-end allowed us to reach bigger audiences and given our Love Change campaign message, we felt James Bond relates perfectly to our product’s ability to adapt and change over time. The cinema format, and the element of surprise and entertainment, meant we were also able to leverage the live performances into social media spaces – primarily through YouTube.
    Suzanne Stevens - Executive Director
    BrightRock Marketing
  • Guess Jewellery launched the category’s very first TV commercial in several European and Middle Eastern countries. To further maximize GUESS Jewelry’s global exposure and to effectively elevate the brand worldwide, it is crucial to capture the fans of the category. We have chosen to launch cinema campaigns in select marketplaces to ensure the campaign message is delivered to captive fans of GUESS Jewellery based on the targeted movie audience demographic. We feel strongly that this is a great opportunity to highlight Guess Jewellery in a unique way that will target a specific demographic and a captive audience. Since the cinemas are often in shopping malls as are most of our retailers, this campaign strategy offers a palpable and compelling collaboration.
    GUESS Jewellery
    Nell Warkoski - Assistant Marketing Manager
    GUESS Jewellery
  • Cinema has been a great medium for our brand from the big screen to our targeted activations around the “Girlfriends Getaway” evenings at selected Ster-Kinekor complexes; letting us engage with our audience in an authentic way and create a great Virgin experience. It is rare these days for people to have time to stop for a moment and focus on one thing and cinema offers that focused and engaged audience waiting to be entertained.”
    Virgin Active
    Virgin Active
    Richard Lamb-Hughes - Brand and Marketing Director
    Virgin Active South Africa

Currently, South Africa has approximately 700 cinema screens.

About 65% of these are represented by Cinemark.